The Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile site near Cooperstown is now a State Historical Site and once served as an important role as part of the US strategy of nuclear deterrence during the Cold War. As a State Historical Site, guided tours are available to tour the launch facility and missile silos and to see firsthand the front lines of the Cold War and witness the equipment that could have been used by the missile crews to launch nuclear missiles.

The missile site was operated by the US Airforce from 1966 to 1997. In 1991, the missile site was decommissioned as a result of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. There are still 150 active missile sites scattered around North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming and those are managed out of the Minot Air Force base. The missile sites controlled out of the Grand Forks airbase are now closed and filled with concrete or destroyed by dynamite. The remaining active sites are manned 24/7. Each launch facility has a 2 man crew and controls 10 missiles. They are responsible for monitoring, launching, and retargeting the 10 nuclear missiles under their command. The missiles are encased in a concrete silo and buried 50 feet underground. Each missile has a range of 6000 miles at a speed of 15,000 mph. The missiles originally had 3 separate warheads capable of hitting 3 separate targets. They are now armed with only one warhead due to a 2002 treaty with Russia.

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